Saturday, April 7, 2012

What we do before the Big Day!

I LOVE dying Easter Eggs!!!!  It is so much fun. I can't believe how the girls have changed over the years.  They use to need so much help and now they don't really need our help to much.  We set up so that each of them pretty much had their own set of colors.  We may have broken a world record with coloring 5 dozen eggs in less than an hour!!!

The next morning it was time for the egg drop at Colonial.  The kids were so excited after last years drop they knew what was coming. 
Just incase the helicoper get too close...these boys were covered!!!!
Love these boys...

I could hardly keep them held back..they were so excited and it was a really long wait. 
Emma was so funny she kept checking out her candy to see if it was a gummy that she couldn't have.  If it was she either gave it to a little one, put it back down for someone else to find or she even tried to talk some kids into trading with her...

That night after the egg hunt and all our fun Henry, Emma, and I made reserection cookies.  We have done this for a couple of years and I just love doing it.  It is so important to us that our kiddo's know why we celebrate Easter. 

It's just to bad I forgot and left the oven on and burned them up...our tomb cookies were YUCKY this year!!!

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