Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Celebration!!!

The Easter Bunny came and brought with him a load of goodies.  

Henry LOVED his giant chocolate bunny!!!

And his Bat Man Lego Figurine.  

Time to check out our Resurrection Cookies

After Church we came home to fix the deviled eggs and then headed straight over to JoJo's to celebrate with our family.  

It wasn't long before Henry needed a little "time out" to think about how we act...Big Daddy just couldn't stand him being all alone.  
Here is what they talked Big Daddy's words
  • Easter Sunday I sat with Henry while he served his sentence in “Time Out”. Here was our conversation.
    Henry: Momma doesn’t want me to, but I want to get older so I can cook. I am going to get older and then I’ll die.
    Me: Oh Henry, you won’t die for a long time. In fact I will die before you do.
    Henry: (while patting my arm) I know and I sure will miss you. But I’ll see you again in heaven. Haven’t figured out how we get up there.
    Me: Tears.

Two good look'n men.  

Aunt Lolly
Garrett and Randy.  

Olivia, Caroline and Belle
Hannah and Emma
Our Traditional Family Easter Picture. (missing our sweet Alex)

GiGi and Leigh
JoJo and Emma
Me and my daddy
Me and my sweetie....

Daddy and Laurie...Oh wait...time to hide the eggs...
This has become on of the daddies  favorite things to do.  This is more like a WAR ZONE!!!!
And on this side of the yard....all kiddo's 1st grade and under!!!  READY SET GO!!!!
We told Henry to go straight for the GIANT was filled with little eggs.  

Carter needed a little lift from his DADDY!!

Now for the big kids...THIS IS SERIOUS!!!!

Hurry...get out of the way....

Oh ya...the mother load.  

Lovely couple...GREAT picture!!!
The hunt is over...time to play!!!!
HA HA HA!!!!
These are special ladies in my life...LOVE YOU BOTH
So are these...JoJo and NaNa-we keep it simple

It was such a pretty day we wanted to keep all those kiddo's outside playing.  I had some left over Sharpie Tie Dye craft supplies from Emma's B-Day and this was the perfect time for them.  These kids worked on this project for 2 hours.  

He might be up to no good...but who cares with that sweet smile!!!!

Yea....Alex made it.  Oh ya...I  changed for craft time!!

We are blessed by a Risen Savior...Happy Easter.

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