Wednesday, January 25, 2012

MSU Ball Girl

At the end of basketball camp this summer we got an opportunity to sign up to be and MSU ball girl. This is Emma's 2nd time to get to participate. She absolutely loves it!!! She was lucky and got signed up with a bunch of her friends.

Bailey Brown and Kate Wurster got some good instruction from one of the coaches helpers. He told them to sweep around the 3pt line and free throw line at each time out. They would have 30 seconds to get it done.
Emma waited patiently to get her chance.
Libby Featherston and Alexis Carter offered great entertainment. They really enjoyed the music!!!
Those are 3 cute ball girls!
Ok so their might have been alot of down time!!!
Go KATE!!!
Finally she got her chance.

The girls have so much fun doing this!!! Thank Coach Noel for the opportunity. Oh and check out Libby and Alexis in the background of the last 2 pictures. They are dancing it UP!!!

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