Thursday, December 22, 2011

Schmidt McGaha Christmas

Schmidt McGaha Christmas is one of the highlights to our Christmas festivities. This year it was the Schmidt's turn to host us. I could hardly contain Henry and Emma they were so excited.
We were greeted at the door by a very excited IVey as well.

J and Frank fixed a YUMMY YUMMY dinner...complete with cheesy chicken noodles J found on Pinterest...our new obsession.

Are these not the 2 cutest boys. And so sweet...they played so well together.
Pretty Emma loved playing with Rylie and the boys...she did miss her big sis, though...we all did.
Rylie was the first to open her present and boy was she excited.
While she loved her outfit, brother's box was much more fun!!!
Emma got bendaroo's. She has wanted them forever.

Smore's was a huge hit after we finished our gift opening.
Here we are Christmas 2011!
Thank you so much Schmidt Family for giving us such a wonderful evening full of great memories.

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