Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas 2011

Each year we take a picture in front of mom and dad's Christmas tree...I am not sure what started it but I sure loves these pictures. Just missing our Alex this year. I am so proud of my beautiful family and the blessings of this season.
These are 2 of Henry's favorites right now. Our piggy from Junebug and Henry's Christmas Bear from one of his story books...he thought they might like their picture taken as well.
Just after we opened our Christmas Eve gift. Are these not the cutest PJ's ever....thank to New ICM and Priscilla for making Henry and Alex's to match.
Love these babies!
Before we can hit the hay and wait for Santa we needed to put out our Magic Reindeer Food. Just to make for SURE our house wouldn't be missed.

Henry was stoked to open his took him a few minutes to even care about moving on to the presents.
Santa Brought:
Henry-Horsy Tire Swing
Emma- New Digital Camer
Gracie-New IPhone
Belle-Julie the American Girl Doll
Gracie and Belle busy opening their stockings.
My sweet babies are so happy and excited!!!

Gotta go check out if the reindeer food was eaten!
Emma is getting some camera pointers from her sweet JoJo.
Big Daddy is all smiles!
Daddy is the greatest...he always loves to get play.

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