Monday, December 26, 2011

Alex is lets unwrap!!!

We could hardly wait for Alex to get home to us...not only to unwrap our presents but because we were missing her so much.
As soon as she walked in the door Emma and Henry took her stocking to her and the boots Santa had left. They were so excited!

Santa even brought Alex a Slushy Magic too!!!
Each year when we open at our house we take turns and take time to watch each and enjoy each other.
Binkie got Henry the Batman Lego's he had so been wanting. He is so much fun to watch open and is truly grateful for everything he gets. He always said thank you before he even opens the presents.
Binkie even came and had fun opening her presents.
Pretty sweet girl...ready to dig in and see what she got.
That is one good look'n man...LOVE HIM!!!!
Me and my baby. He is so much FUN and keeps me laughing all the time.
Henry thought it would be a good idea to wrap himself up too!!!

Binkie loved her new night gown.
Emma could not have been more excited to get this LaLaLoopsie Doll!
This is true love!
OH Daddy your are going to look sharp and stay warm this winter.
Who knew the Batman house would be such a hit for all of them?
Emma got her bow. BOY she was so excited!!!
Here are my 3 beautiful babies. So excited to get to spend New Years Eve at the Gaylord and Great Wolf Lodge.

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Sarah Bridges said...

Alex gets more beautiful every time I see a pic of her!