Sunday, December 25, 2011

Big Family Christmas

Big Family Christmas
That is what we have every year. My family is big, loud, funny, amazing. For years now Christmas has been at my Aunt Gretta and Uncle Larry's house. We lost my wonderful Uncle this year and this maybe our last Christmas at this house. We were all in attendance (with the exception of Alex) and it was a great celebration.

Isn't Aunt Gretta a Knockout!!!
Emma and NaNa
Wendy and me. This holiday was exceptionally difficult for her. She just lost her mom. We love you and think of you often.
This is what the grown-up usually look like...however no one is asleep yet???
This little boy LOVES his JOJO!!!!

We usually have a craft or game of some kind going...this year poker and 31 took over.
And this is what the kids usually look like.
Sweet Hannah you sure are growing up fast.

The little ones were getting stir crazy so Erin and Hannah took them out for some fun!!!
This is more like...almost asleep on the super soft carpet!!!
Since the poker and 31 took over their playroom the hallway was the next choice place.
Daddy broke away for a few minutes of fun. Like I said...he is the best at playing.
Me and my mama...thanks for making all our holidays so special.

We are a blessed family!

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