Saturday, October 15, 2011

Taylor Swift...we are Fearless!

After the soccer game and taking Haley home and having lunch and doing some shopping we came home for a nap...or wait....let's go see Taylor Swift...ya that is a WAY better idea...

So that is just what we did...bought some tickets online-woke the kids up early- and jumped in the car. BOY were they excited!!!!

We didn't have much time so we went straight to the arena, grabbed some concession stand grub, some cool new T-Shirts, and waited!!!!

Alex you totally rock for remembering that glow stick for Henry...and you are right...he can't read and he never knew it said Miley Cyrus.

I think Henry was just as excited as the girls....
Check out just how close we were.... (this was my favorite dress...and she wore like 10)

Henry did get a little restless so daddy took him up to this landing so he could have a little more dancing room.

This was Gracie and Belle's favorite song - MEAN!!!

This is Aunt Lolly's FAVORITE SONG!!!

Can you believe these sets!!!! WOW!!! I couldn't believe all the changes. We have been to so many concerts but this was by far the best!!!!

Taylor even walked through the entire crowd to get to the back of the arena and sing to the back part of the special.

Ok can you see the dancers that look like they are jumping...well they are but what you can tell is that they just jumped out of these cool holes in the happened several times during the show.

Now this wasn't our favorite song...although we love was our VERY favorite set...those Bell's were amazing....When they first popped up out of the stage Emma said I think there is someone in there...but then after Taylor and her two back up singers beat the tar out of them we decided there wasn't...then they raised up into the air...and THEN!!!! These amazing girls dropped out of them!!!! SO COOL!!!!

Now this was OUR favorite!!! Love song....It was beautiful, moving, amazing. She flew all over the close it was breathtaking.

Here are the dancers in the back. I am so amazed by this!!!

It was such a great night!!! I am so glad we can be a little spontaneous and create wonderful let's get to bed...did I mention I am running my first 5K in Lawton tomorrow morning????

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