Friday, October 14, 2011

I have a new addiction

Oh Pinterest!!! How I love you!!! Let me count the ways....

Let's start with Baked Fried all know Emma and how she loves her cheese. Fried Cheese is a favorite but we don't have it often...but now...I can use egg role wrappers and bake it in the over...GRACE loved this!!!

Monster Pudding...This was so easy and so cute. We made these to take to Bible study the Thursday night. They were a huge hit. Vanilla pudding, Green food coloring, and crushed oreo's...EASY!!! Thanks to my helpers...Emma, Henry, and Belle.

Homemade Butter Fingers...YUMMY!!! Now this really wasn't from Pinterest but from have had this as a to do since last Halloween...and let me tell you...THEY ROCK!!!

I am having a terrible time with blogger right now...and I can't make a link so here is the web address for the recipe:

And finally....googly eye Halloween nails. At our sleepover the other night with Haley, Grace, Belle, Alex, Emma, and Henry...(Now that is a house full) we made homemade butterfingers, played outside, painted our nails, and had a just dance was so much fun!!!

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