Friday, August 26, 2011

Young Ages 3K

So the day has almost come. Time for Henry to start pre-K. We really considered putting him in a 5 day pre-school but JoJo just wasn't ready to give up her time yet. (neither is Henry) So JoJo will be teaching pre-school on her days as well. We have already started with the letter A. (BoBo we could use your lesson plans)

Shad is off for a few days before he starts his new job at WFISD so he got to go to meet the teacher with Henry and I. This was really a time for Henry to talk to Mrs. Kleinart and learn about his new room. Of course the loft was his favorite part!!! We learned where to hang our back pack, which basket has his name on it, where circle time is going to be and how to walk up and down the stairs to the loft.

When we left Henry said "That room was awesome! Wasn't it?" Then for the next couple of days he has told everyone how nice his new teacher is. Thursday will be his first day!

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