Saturday, August 27, 2011

Triple Threat

Here we GO!!!

Shad has been training for several months for the Hotter than Hell triple threat. That is a 11.5 mile mountain bike (shad loves the mountain bike trail) on Friday evening. Saturday is the 100 mile Hotter than Hell and then Sunday morning you run a 1/2 marathon on the trail.

This was the most nervous I have ever seen Shad before an event. For days before he planned and thought and thought and planned. Then when Friday came he was cool as a cucumber. Ready to go!!!

This is the final hill up the the finish. Henry, Emma, Libby, and I were cheering all the bikers on. We saw several that's chains popped just coming up this hill and lots that were walking their bikes by the time they got here...but not Shad...he pushed through like a CHAMP!!! No Blood...and only a couple of scrapes. He did tear his Hammer Jersey...but we will get that fixed.

With the mountain bike finished we headed home to get a good nights sleep before the HHH the next morning. Shad was gone by 4:45am...Henry, Emma, and I followed shortly after 5. Shad had shown me the perfect place to park so we could sneak out onto the bridge for the 6am start.

We were so excited when we saw daddy fly by.

After 5 hours and 17 min in the 116 degree (heat index) sun....he finished STRONG!!!

Let's say this was a hard spectator sport as well....we were soaked with sweat!!!! But excited to see our daddy complete his 100 miles.

Shad told me he wasn't sure he could run after that ride (referring to doing a full Iron Man) but I am sure that will change!!!

Here they are...our finishers...Shad road his long practice rides with Kevin and his brother, Timmy! They ROCK'd It Out together. So nice to have a support team.

As soon as we got home we put Shad into an ice bath (sorry no I have one but Shad wont let me post it) But that wasn't enough...Shad's feet were still we did a little more HURT!!!! but it worked GREAT!!!

Here we are the next morning waiting for the 1/2 marathon to start.

Henry and Emma were such troopers all weekend supporting our AMAZING Daddy!!!

There was also a 10K and we saw some good friends...Here is Monica and Thana...

and Stephanie and Amber...GIRLS YOU ROCK!!!!

What a beautiful sun rise. Thank you was perfect!!!

Here comes daddy on the back stretch...not much blood and not to much dirt!!! Shad hooked up with the golf pro from the club for the last 2 miles....they ran it in together.

Here is that same hill one more time. Emma was so proud of her daddy!!!!

So what do you get when you finish the Triple Threat.....I giant piece of really this is so is hand made and Shad earned every splinter of it.

Shad you are an inspiration!!!

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