Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Cousins Coming to Town!!!!

For the past 2 years we have gone to see Mitzi and Tricia (our cousins) and their kiddo's down in south Texas and Louisiana. We have so much fun visiting with them and the kiddo's are in LOVE with each other!!!!

This year Tricia made the long 8 hour drive with her 2 kiddo's and a bun in the oven to see us. We couldn't have been more excited!!!

The girls always pick up just like we lived next door to each other...not like we get to see each other once a year.

They spent time playing while Tricia and I got to catch up (while keeping 1 eye on Caleb and Henry who were tearing it up like only little boys can)

We had a wonderful visit.

Then on Sunday night we all went to JoJo and Big Daddy's for our traditional hamburger night. This is a tradition from my dad and Uncle Kenny's childhood (Tricia and Mitzi's dad) My grandparents always had hamburgers...I think on Saturday nights but we do it on Sunday.

The kids had so much fun swimming and playing. We even put the hose up on the slide so they could try that out. Everyone loved it, even Henry and Caleb.

Big Daddy played in the pool with us the entire time. It was so much FUN!!!

Even though DeDe couldn't join in because of his ACL surgery he still got some snuggles later on.

After a good swim we headed for a quick bath before dinner. Are these not the prettiest little boys...do not be fooled by those beautiful eyes!!!!

On their last day visiting with us we swam again at my house. The heat is so awful here it is the best way to get out the kiddo's energy and stay cool.

Henry (3), Caleb (2), Libby (5), Belle (6), Emma (7), and missing Grace (9)

We like to keep them close to the same age. He he he!!!

After another group bath and shower we settled down with a movie in Anna and Shad's bed. Saying goodbye was so hard. But no worries we are really going to try to get together in the winter...we must make this twice a year now...

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