Sunday, July 24, 2011

Annual Murray/McGaha Summer Lake Trip

Each year we are so lucky to be invited by the Murray Family to their lake house. It is a little piece of paradise really close to home. We talk/eat/swim/tube/and laugh our booties off!

These are two peas in a pod. This cooler made the perfect step upto all the yummy treats on the bar. Learson and Henry camped out here most of them time grazing.

Taleigha and sweet Learson. (this is what it means to have a life long friend in a sorority sister)

Just got off the boat and still all smiles!!!! Henry loved juming into the water off the back of the boat. He didn't want anyone to hold on to him he could swim on his own.

His favorite part was riding the SeaDu.

Emma loved the SeaDu too! Even after she lost a tooth on it.

These are the sweetest two boys every. BJ and Taleigha's nephews took Henry all weekend to play. They really loved on him. SO SWEET!!!

Check out Emma....down and dirty. Peyton and Emma spent a good 2 hours making the perfect mud ball.


Now that is a perfect MUD BALL!!!

Thank you Murray Family...we love the memories we make with you!!!

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