Thursday, June 16, 2011

Punta Cana Weddings

So getting to the Dominican may be a little tricky (at least for our family it was) but once you are there it is LOVE at first site. It didn't take Shad and I long to figure out exactly where we wanted to be!!!

These beautiful beds line the beach on the Excellence Club side. They are so comfy and offer a great escape from the sun that will fry the skin right off your body...

Yvette, Kenny, April, Mom and Dad enjoyed them as well.

We were served lunch and drinks right here!!!

Let me just say this crowd is a HOOT!!!

Our reason for coming to the Dominican with all these wonderful friends was to attend Jacob Muller's wedding to his beautiful bride Sarah

Jacob and his family own baby stores similar to ours in the Houston area. We are apart of the same buying group and over the years have formed a wonderful friendship. We were honored to be included in this special occasion in their lives.

JoJo, Yvette (mother of the groom) and April

April and Kenny own Goores in Sacramento, CA

What a good looking family!

Love my momma!!!

Mr. & Mrs. Jacob Muller
They looked amazing!!!


Now for lunch, some speeches and the most amazing solo I have every heard!!!

Lunch was Lobster and good and just after we ate the speeches began.

This was the neatest treat of the wedding. Jacob's brother Joffrey is an amazing musician. He has won countless awards. Then there is Angela. She is great friends with Jacob's family. She was both Joffery and Jacob's prom date.

She has been on 3 episodes of 30 Rock and just finished a movie with Dolly Parton and Queen Latifa called Joyful Noise.

Angela sang the most beautiful song for Sarah and Jacob. Let me tell you there was not a dry eye in the house and she received a standing ovation. AMAZING!!!!

1st Dance. So Sweet!!!

The Excellence had 8 wonderful restaurants (we actually liked the French the best) and each night we would meet up with our friends to have a wonderful dinner.

Early on Sunday morning Doug, JoJo, Kenny, April, Shad and I headed out on a deep sea fishing adventure! It started just as soon as the "Truck" pulled up to get us. After an extremely aromatic 45 minute ride we arrived at the boat.

We had a wonderfully calm 3 hour ride before the fish hit. We trolled up to a set of floating trees reminiscent of Cast Away...we looked for Wilson but sorry Tom we couldn't find him. With in seconds the Mahi Mahi were biting. There were so many we could literally see them down in the water. April caught the first was the baby!!!

Next it was Shad's turn...he easily landed the mama!

However, I fought the DADDY!!!

and WON

However he did not go quietly into that sweet night. He promptly jumped off the hook and began thrashing around. In the picture above you can see all the blood, me in the fetal position, and the fish flopping around. He jumped into a box full of glass bottles and smashed glass all over the place. He then beat me about the head and leg...but no worries we won!!!

Thanks-Doug, JoJo, Kenny, April and Shad for your valiant efforts to save my life....oh were ALL taking pictures and video and laughing/screaming hysterically...what has this world come too!!!

After the 1st 3 hours of no bites we decided to take a picture of the bait and pretend it was our catch of the day.....HE HE HE!!!!

That's a cute man and a BIG FISH!!!

Oh ya I caught that!!!

After a great morning fishing we came straight back to the resort and jumped in the pools to cool off. That night we laughed and told all our "fish tales" That is especially funny because everyone at this table was on the boat.

On our last night there Jacob and Sarah invited everyone to their room for a fair well party.

This is Anne Elizabeth Muller...there was also another girl in the wedding party with the name Anne Elizabeth...they were both beautiful girls of course!!!

I got my picture with Angela...we got to talk several times over the week and I know one day she will be a super star!

WHY OH WHY does she get so much darker than me...

Another of Jacob's little brothers, Jordan, Mom and Yvette

Me and the groom...Jacob.

Love this man with all my heart...

And this one TOO!!! Love you daddy!

Here are a few pics of the hotel. It was wonderful and we were not eaten by we were warned.

This is the view from our room. We could literally walk out the door and jump into a pool that was totally secluded.

You can see the waterfall just a few doors down. Loved that sound!!!

Lobby...look hard for all the turtles.

Beautiful fountains everywhere!!!

Check out these pools and lounges....this pool went on for ever and ever.

No Matter where we go...we always have a wonderful time.

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