Friday, April 1, 2011

Robb Family

A few weeks ago we lost my sweet and wonderful Uncle Larry. I haven't been able to blog about it and I really still can't. But I thought I would upload some of the family pictures we got. I love my family..

I am not even going to try to name everyone...there is now way I could follow the rows. We are only missing Alex, Henry, Garrett, Landon, Carter, Caroline, and Jacob from this family picture.

Mom, Dad, Laurie and me.

Come on serious one


JoJo and Stephanie

Me and Stephanie

Mixon, Eric, Harrison, Jane, Gretta

This is the little girls. Watching us all out in the front taking pictures and talking. Aren't they funny..

Have you ever seen a better looking group of young men.

Mixon and Harrison in the front

Carter, Hunter and Kyle 2nd row

Gracie, Belle, Olivia, Emma, Leigh, Hannah

Ashley and Lauren

I absolutly hate why we were all together but I loved seeing my family.

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