Thursday, March 31, 2011

7 Already?? Time flies.

My peanut is 7. I just can't believe it. Time flies doesn't even begin to describe it. This little angel has changed our lives in every way. She is thoughtful in every way. She always wants to make sure that everyone is happy and included. She goes out of her way to make new friends. Emma is the most non judgemental little girl. She over looks all differences and finds common ground with everyone. She AMAZES me and INSPIRES me each and every day.

Emma loves arts and crafts and being creative. She can make something beautiful out of nothing and comes up with the most inventive schemes each day.

Our family tradition is to open your presents on the morning of your birthday. Emma had been so excited about her birthday and waited so patiently for her presents.

Then when her brother wanted to help she was more than willing to let him join right in with her.

She was most excited about her new booster seat!

Her special breakfast request was mama's waffles!

Emma has the most special teacher in the world. Mrs. Stevenson has changed the course of Emma's life for the better. I just know it. She gives Emma so much confidence. We are blessed!

Class cookie cake.

Need I say ANYTHING?

Now it's time to Party at Jump for Joy.

Caroline and Belle

Emma, Ava, Libby, and Kate

Gracie, Henry, Caroline and Jacob racing the cars

Libby, Daleney, William, Laura, and Libby

Another Cookie Cake. Emma loves cookies!

I couldn't do a party without these ladies!!

Glad they know how to have so much fun!

Gracie, Caroline, Belle, and Caleb

Will and Jackson. (token boys that aren't related) They are both good friends to Emma!

When your party is over you get to paint your hand and put it on the wall. Alexis's little sister, Lauren, really wanted in on this one.

As always no birthday is complete without a JoJo Angle food cake!

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