Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter and Family. 2 of my FAVORITE things

I just love Easter. It is such a fun holiday. The kids have so much fun and they both understand why we lets be real...they are very excited about dyeing Easter Eggs and hunting, but they have both at separate time talked about how this is when Jesus died and then came back from the dead to save us. (Emma's is a little more in depth but I am just happy they know why we celebrate)

Easter morning came and the HUNT was on. Emma knows that she gets all the eggs above Henry's reach...and she got after it in a hurry.

Henry, however wanted to pick up and inspect each and every egg. Shake it, talk about it's color, how big it was and so on and so forth. So once Emma had gotten all the eggs out of his reach we called an all out free for all....Henry still took his sweet time.

This year the Easter Bunny even hid a few eggs outside...Emma and Henry thought that was fun but their hands got all muddy and covered in egg dye.

Just like last year our bunny new we would be getting Tons and Tons of candy so he filled our eggs with: Golden Grahams, Life, Cashews, M&M's, yogurt covered raisins, pretzels, and craisens to make our very one trail mix.

(Emma picks out the M&M's of course)

After church the family headed to JoJo and Big Daddy's for our traditional Easter Lunch...The big hit in JoJo's Easter Baskets were the light sabers.

I am blessed!

Love that funny boy!

My precious babies!!! (missing Alex)

This little girl makes me smile EVERY day!!!

I love this picture!!!

and this one!

He got so excited he couldn't slow down to pick up the eggs...he kept running right over the tops of them.

Thanks for the lift daddy!

She's got SPEED!!!! there was a little tussling and the daddy's didn't help!!! SO FUNNY!!!!

Now take a picture of 15 kids and try to get everyone looking at the camera.

Aunt Lolly thinks it is funny to try to mess with me while I take pictures to get the kids to smile. Like giving me a wet willy...

You better watch out Aunt Lolly---Henry's got my back!!!!

Here he comes!!!!

This one is pretty good but we are missing Caleb...he bailed

It was a fun filled day!!! and as if we hadn't had enough...the daddy's decided they would take the kids on a bike ride.

Caroline, Paige and Lauren Coburn, and Jacob are the best bike riders. Gracie wasn't to far behind them.

I was so proud of Emma...she takes after her mama and is not the most coordinated....this is the first time she has ever ridden in a street...for the past two years she just wasn't that into it at all...but she doesn't want to be left behind...mark my words with her daddy's help she will be riding without training wheels by the end of the summer. DETERMINATION!!

Well and Miss Belle may have struggled but she did great too!!! She may even beat Emma with getting her training wheels off.

We are so blessed to have such a wonderful family that enjoys being together.

We worship a risen Savior!!!

Happy Easter!!!

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