Monday, March 14, 2011

St Patrick's Day 5k

A couple of weeks back Shad started training the girls for a 5k run. We wanted to do another kids marathon but we weren't going to make the next one with all our winter weather so this was a great next step.

Shad LOVES St. Patricks Day and soon learned that there was going to be a 5k at the street festival. We are in!!!

We learned that Emma's good friend Libby would also be running. Emma was so excited

The race was small but that made me happy because I didn't want Emma getting lost in a crowd. Just a short 38min later they were running in.

Of course Henry had to run some too! He hates being left out!

Emma was pooped!! So was Libby!

It took Alex a little longer to make it in so daddy went to find her and run her in.

I am so proud of my family!

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