Friday, March 11, 2011

Fun Friday

Today has been a blast. First Henry and I went to the park to run out some energy before our lunch date with our great friend Elizabeth.

Lunch was so fun. Thanks Elizabeth for inviting us and putting up with a scatter brained mama!!

Next Henry and I met Selina up at Ben Franklin for a popcorn popping lesson. Then he and I popped 92 bags of popcorn for the 1st graders. Boy was that a job. Fun but alot of work and kinda nasty!!! (to be honest)

Next we honored Lolly's Friday treat tradition. Aunt Lolly says that if we are good all week then on Friday we get to get a snow cone from Bahama Bucks. Since our Lolly is down and out for a couple of days I got the pleasure!!!

The weather was so pretty that when we got home we decided to play outside for a while!!!

Oh and this is Matt he lives a couple of houses down.

YouTube Video

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