Saturday, October 2, 2010

Sweet Savannah-Happy Birthday To You!

Is this not one of the most beautiful babies you have ever seen. If Henry doesn't marry her he will have to be her bestest friend and swear to protect her for ever.
This was one of those birthday parties you read about in a magazine. No one I know could pull this off....well ok maybe one person I know. CRYSTAL!!!

Crystal made sure Savannah's second birthday would be memorable for EVERYONE that attended. Every detail you can imagine was thought out and executed to perfections. This party came complete with bounce houses, sand pit treasure hunt, birthday picture cut-out, pony rides, a clown, a petting zoo, cupcakes, a giant TV for daddy's to watch the football game, hot dogs with all the fix'ns...the list goes on and on. SO MUCH FUN!!!

Henry really liked the baby chicks until I opened my hand and he saw the chicks feet and he literally screamed and then said "thas NASTY"

Emma was such a good big sister this day. She was one of the oldest kiddo's at the party and she loved "mothering" Ivey and Henry.

Maci, Savannah, and Henry buddies from the beginning. Maci is the oldest (I think) then Henry and finally Savannah. They don't get together as often as we would like but they never seem to miss a beat and always just pick right back up with each other.

This is the next generation....I am just an observer to this one...LOVE THOSE baby girls

Henry and Ivey loved this little tunnel in the big bounce house...that is until the big boys got there.

Hot Dogs....Oh knew that was Henry's favorite!

This clown must have made IVey like 10 balloons...if I remember right he gave one or two to Henry and then Henry's popped so IVey went back to get him another one....then IVey's popped so he had to go get another one...and on and on...What a sweet patient clown!

Love these boys!!

Daddy came a little late after a long run/bike workout getting ready for his IronMan. Of course both Henry and Emma got on the Pony for him. They wouldn't even pet the pony for me.

IVey LOVED the pony's. We had a hard time getting him off!

Savannah got this really cool car for her birthday...lets just say she didn't get much driving time. The boys LOVED it!!!

Santa are you watching?

PS...Thanks for letting me lift some pics Crystal...

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