Wednesday, November 10, 2010


So I know I am a bit OCD!!! But this is just gross!!! This is what the tub looks like when Henry gets out after a day at daycare!! I am all for playing a being a boy bit this is just TOO MUCH!!! In the words of my sister I could pot a plant in the dirt just from his ears!!!

Now I know the paint is pealing up on the sides around the tile but that is not the part you are suppose to look click on the picture and let it enlarge to see the "NASTY"

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Ashley said...


Anonymous said...

Well, he does love making dirt-birthday cakes for Ms. Jennifer! Sometimes he gets a little enthusiastic & pours it on his head. We sure love watching him have so much FUN!!

Love, His Daycare Family

McGaha's said...

I hear it all the time Boys Boys Boys...Emma and Alex never prepaired me for this. I mean seriously I can take him out of the tub and within an hour his finger nails are dirty again??? How does he do that?