Thursday, November 4, 2010

Christmas Magic 2010

I always look forward to Christmas Magic. It is the kick-off to the holiday season. I am on the steering committee again and I have really enjoyed it. StorkLand was also involved in the style show for the 3rd year in a row. What a show it was!!! We practiced several times and the kiddos just did a GREAT Job!!!

Henry and Savannah were so cute at practice. After they came off stage they found to seats together and sat down to wait for their next turn.. I know you can't see but there is no parents sitting next to them. They just sat down together. Later that night Henry said

Henry: "Mama- Vanna not talk"

Me" Well Henry she is smaller than you"

Henry " No mama she not talk at all. I talk to her and she say nothing"

So worries she warmed up to him in no time.

Henry and Savannah Headlined the second act. "StorkLand's Got Talent" We played Tinkle Twinkle Little Star and Savannah sang in her microphone and Henry played a little guitar. Then he handed me the guitar and lead her down the aisle. SO CUTE...Half way down he blew a sweet kiss to the audience.

This is my group of AMAZING models.
Then on Saturday we all went to Alex's Concert. She sang a was so great. The choir did a great job. I will be posting part of the concert I hope soon. After that she got to go shopping while we took the little kids to Cookies with Santa. It was so much fun. Singing, Story Time, Pics with Santa, Arts and Crafts, and Yummy snacks. We all loved it.

I cannot believe how GREAT Henry did with Santa...he just walked right up and sat down to tell him he wanted a choo choo train. Holy Moly 5 kids and we finally got one that isn't afraid!

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