Saturday, October 9, 2010

Vegas Baby for the ABC show

Time for my Vegas market again!! You know I am not a fan of Vegas but I LOVE LOVE LOVE the ABC Kids Expo. This is the largest market for us all year. There is over 1,000,000 sq. ft of vendor space and it takes me and mom 5 days at a full run to cover the entire show.
I love it because I get to see all my friends who I have so much in common with, that do what I do each and every day. I love it because I get to find all the neatest and newest items for babies, momma's, daddy, grandparents, etc.... I is just GREAT.. Richard Go0re (formally of Goores but now with Evenflo), me and Karla (Kids Stuff Super Store)
This is the industry party that ABC throws one night of the show. SO MUCH FUN!!! Food, drinks, entertainment, dancing, singing...
Richard, me, Karla and by friends from New Baby Products!

Nora, Judy, and Mom...Love these ladies!

So this is my dad's market "brotherhood" These are some brilliant minds here at work!

Me and Kathy...Kathy and her mom own Kids Space in Lubbock and Amarillo...she is so talented and we get the best idea's from each other. This year she decorated the BEST booth ever...Now every manufacture is going to want her to make their booth look that good...What a can of worms you have opened sweet Kathy!

Karla---what would I do without you. I wish we lived closer and didn't work so much...but I guess I will just have to settle with seeing you 3 times a year. LOVE YOU!!!
It was a great market...and next year will be even better because we are going to Louisville...I love the south!!! If you wanna see some of the COOL new things we found check out my StorkLand blog I will be debuting the new items as they arrive!

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