Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Spending Our Stars

I can't remember if I have told you guys or not but we have started the coolest new rewards system at our house. It is an app on my Iphone called IRewards. Basically I sat down with each of the kids...yes even Henry and we talked about chores and expectations..then we decided on some rewards. The app keeps track by awarding stars when chores are done or actions are seen. Then the kids can cash their stars in for prizes. Here is an example: Emma in the mornings must brush her teeth, do her nose spray, and her arm gel without being told and she gets a star. She also gets stars for being nice to brother, doing her best at soccer...etc..
So this weekend she decided to CASH IN SOME STARS...She got to have Kate over to spend the night=25 stars and we went bowling=30 stars...
What a great reward for all her hard work.

Kate came in first followed closely by Emma, then Shad, Henry and finally me...I stink but we had so much fun

Next we came home for dinner and Jello Jigglers. My mom used to make Jello Jigglers for me and I loved using cookie cutters to cut them out and eat them. Then I would bite the animals heads off...arms...legs...so much fun. Funny how these cute kids did the exact same thing

After dinner the girls played and then headed to bed...church in the morning. It was so cute that they had the same dress. They were really proud of how cute they looked. They kept asking if anyone would think they were twins..TO CUTE!

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Shelly said...

I like your reward system. That is a great idea. Cute stories too.