Sunday, September 19, 2010

Class Clown

Here are just a few recent pics of Mr. Henry. This kid is such a riot. I just can't believe the things he says and does.
  • For example: He sits sideways in his high chair with his legs tucked up in a ball.
  • He told JoJo this morning he wanted a Popsicle sandwich
  • He constantly stills all the pillows off of the couch to either make a "fork" or to hide
  • Henry sings all the time. Give him a microphone and he will entertain himself and anyone within a good mile. Loud and Proud
  • Yesterday Shad and he got Iron Man 2 at Best Buy with a reward zone card. Shad told Henry they got it for Adam Sandler says in Bedtime Stories. So as we were walking out of church last night Henry says to me "mama we got a new man movie for FREEEEE" I almost dropped him I laughed so hard!!!

The list goes on and on. Bottom line this kid is a HOOT!!!

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Shelly said...

It is fun to have a comedian in the family!