Saturday, August 28, 2010

Elizabeth and Clayton

This is one of my oldest friends...not that we are old just that we have been buds for since we were super little.
Sweet Elizabeth is getting married...I am so excited for her. She seems so happy and beautiful. It makes my heart sing. I can't believe I didn't get picture of her and her soon to be hubby together. His name is Clayton.
This is Clayton, too! Not Elizabeth's soon to be husband but her best friend. Clayton grew up with us also. I haven't seen him in over 10 years. It was wonderful to catch up! He is so happy. I just love it. It is so great to know that people you love are doing well and are happy in their lives.

Lauren, Me and Clayton. Lauren and I used to carpool to school together and now we are in the Junior League together. Later this month we are going to go to an art class and paint a pretty picture. I am so blessed to be surround with people I enjoy so much.
The only disappointing thing about Clayton and Elizabeth's engagement party was finding out that I am going to miss their wedding. Shad's 1/2 Iron Man is the same weekend. I am SO SAD!!! I can't imagine not being their for their special day. But no worries I told Elizabeth while they are on their honeymoon I will be sitting in DeEdra's office looking at all the wedding pictures.

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