Sunday, August 29, 2010

Church Picnic Blowout!

Who need the Cove when you have the Hamilton's. This year instead of doing Colonial at the Cove we had a church wide picnic.
What a HUGE success. Evey one in the church was divided up by last name as to what to bring: chips, sides, watermelon (I think we almost had enough) and deserts.
We met from 5-8 at the Hamilton's land. They were so nice to accommodate all 600 of us. There were slides for the kids...Jacob rocked this one out!

Henry was all about it until the water was spraying him in the face then he bailed right off the back. Emma wouldn't have anything to do with it at all...She really wanted her swim suit or she would have jumped right in. In the bulletin it said water play....I agree this is water play but not what we were expecting.

Ryan and Carter shared their "Base a my Ball" with Henry and he LOVED it!!!

Shad was a BRAVE catcher!

Next we found a dirt/rock hill. Henry saw it first and took off running to climb it. He made it 1/2 way and stopped to throw rocks.

The line for food was a little long so we got some Watermelon to snack on. This is our friend Emma, she and Henry were so good as we long as we had Watermelon.


Emma got board and went to sit with Aubrey and

Sarah...we are so glad Sarah is on our soccer team. Since we don't go to school together it makes it where the girls can still see each other ALOT!! Sunday's, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays!

This is my good friend Melissa (other wise known as Sarah, Aubrey, and Sean Micheal's Mommy) I cherish our friendship!

This will soon be the cover of Colonial's latest fundraiser...Thanks Lance for the preview!

My family minus Alex. Missed you babe!

Landon, Carter, and true picnic style.

Garrett and Landon ate and ran...they were so brave to just jump right in with those older kids and play some volleyball!

Finally we found Kate!!!

And then Kate took us to see Laura...did you know that Emma has 5 sets of twins in her friends...4 sets of girls and 1 set of boys. CRAZY!!!!

To finish the night off right we Baptised several new members of the church. God painted the perfect sunset in the back ground it was a beautiful celebration!

Thank you Lord for our church family!

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