Monday, July 5, 2010

She's Big Enough to Make Her Own Choice

We went shopping this past weekend. Bought Alex shoes for her B-Day (yippee it is so hard to find a size 11 cute shoes) and Emma some uniforms for school next year.

Every time we go to the mall Shad says to Emma..."so you ready to get your ears pierced. "
Emma:" Nope, not yet." is the normal response. Well not this time. She said..."Ya, I think so. I really want to but I am scared." So we shopped and let her think about it. Finally she says she is ready.
Well she thought she was till we sat down. She got so scared.

Finally, the ladies said we are just going to measure to make sure they are perfect. Emma sat very still while the put the guns up to "measure" BAMB!! Done. Emma paused for a second and then cried, briefly.

Boy was she mad at them for "tricking" her

This is Emma 10 minutes later. She was so brave and we are so proud of her! She is proud of herself too!! She is doing great with reminding me to clean and turn them 3 times a day to. It is the most responsible she has ever been about anything!!!

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The Milfords said...

Way to go Emma!! Now can you call and convince Blair to do it too?