Sunday, July 4, 2010

Freedom isn't Free

We started off our 4th of July celebration by opening Judy and Franks Birthday Present to Henry. He was so excited!!! They got him the Mickey Mouse Club house. He hasn't stopped playing with it since he opened it. It is just like the JoJo house Emma had. He love it.

Next was time for some serious swimming. Oh my gosh we had so much fun. Casey and Shad tried to kill each other and anyone who got in the middle of them. To Funny. Henry and the girls shot water guns at them while they fought. Judy and Frank tried to stay a safe distance while still staying in the action. (Frank we love that you swam in your socks)

Get her Grace...she deserves it!!!

So the 3rd is Judy's Birthday. We were so glad that Judy and Frank were ab

Judy has this thing for butter cream frosting cakes...this wasn't the best but it brought back great memories for her!!
Now it is time for some fun and fire works at the club. We go to the club every year. The kids get to run around with friends and play and then we get a great fireworks show...ok a good fireworks show. The weather was perfect this year-not to hot and a GREAT breeze. This is the first year that NONE of the girls cried during the show. Henry even really liked them. Another GREAT family day!!!

This is Kiki, Emma and Kate. They will all be at Ben Franklin in 1st grade next year together!

Henry really digged the glow in the dark sticks!!!

Emma and sweet Haley Knight!!!

Pam had the coolest HAT!!!

Finally we celebrate Freedom and it came at a price. Mothers lost sons, Children lost Fathers...we are so blessed and lucky to live in a God Fearing country. Thank you LORD!!!!

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