Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Belated Spring Soccer Party

Well we finally had the opportunity to get the Barbies together for our annual end of Spring Soccer Party. So I guess we could also count this as an almost beginning of Fall Soccer Party...since our packets are do tomorrow.
We had a blast. It is so fun to see these girls together. None of them go to school together anymore and they all get along so well. I just love it!! We are blessed to have such great families on our team. We look forward to getting our 3 new players as we move up to U8...CRAZY!! Sean Michael...really liked Mrs. Meagan's homeade cupcakes
Henry was most fond of the Watermellon Kenli brought!

Yummy!! Check out that juice running down his belly!

Emma and Kelcie have been friends since they were 9 months old. I can't believe she has had a friend for 6 years???

Melissa and Henry have lots in common

Kenli and Emma...

The Daddy's had fun too!!! Thanks for swimming Daddy's

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