Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Turning 2 on Vacation

He's 2...NO IT CAN"T BE!!!

There is something that literally hurts in your heart as your children get older. I just can't stand it. I can't stand that Henry is 2! I know he is our last baby and I want him to stay a baby. Right now he is so much fun. He laughs and plays and wants to snuggle with me all the time. He talks like a 6 or 7 year old. CRAZY the things that come out of this kids mouth. (I wish I was better at remembering them)

Before we jumped in the car to head to Magic Kingdom we let Henry open his Birthday presents. He was so excited. He kept asking If they were all his and then after he opened each one he would hand it to shad and say "Please open it" Meaning get all the plasic and boxes and twisty ties off so I can play. I know Henry wont remember this birthday but I hope he thinks it is cool we went to Disney World on his day. Henry got Toy Story 3 toys since we had just gone to see the movie a few nights before, a giraffe like the one he fed at Silver Springs, a Echo Microphone (like the one he wanted so badly that I wrapped up for the Otto's trip treat bags) and his first Train Set.
Oh ya...and some baby stats for you. Henry is in the 75%. He is set to be 6"1' (Boy was Shad proud and jealous all at the same time) He knows his colors and his verbal communications skills are advanced. Not to mention he is a joy!

Thank you Lord for this AMAZING child and the blessing he is in our lives every day!

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