Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Magic in so many ways

Can you see the excitement on our faces. We can't wait to get inside and play!!!

First order of business is get the strollers...second order of business is get the hair fixed!!! There is a little barber shop on the left hand corner when you first walk into Magic Kingdom. You can go get the kids pixie dusted for $7.50 (probably the best deal in the park) They do boys to. They just spike their hair and put in the color of their choice.

This is Henry's First Haircut. We did Emma's at Magic Kingdom too! He was so good!! Notice all the Mickey stickers all over him!

He was so proud of himself. I can't believe how much HE LOVED that hat! On the back of the hat it is embroidered with First Haircut!

He even got a certificate!

Now for the Girls!!!

Now for a train ride to the other side of the park!!! Henry wants to see Mickey's House!!!

We have this exact same picture of Belle from 4 years ago!!! SO FUNNY...I think she was asleep though?

While we road Goofy's Barnstormer Roller Coaster Henry and JoJo played at the park.

This is Mickey's Bedroom. We saw his bed, closet, gloves, shoes, etc..Henry pointed out everything!

Mickey's pumpkins

We have this picture too!!! The girls have changed so much! That is Henry's "I can tell you are going to ask me to smile WAY to much today" face.

Just look at all that CHEESE EMMA!!! Mickey and you think alike!

JoJo and Big Daddy Catching a quick seat!

Now we are off to the RACES!!! We have never done this ride before and it was great. (and the line moves fast) Alex and Emma loved going by themselves.

Henry helped daddy drive and thought it was too cool!

Watch out they come...good thing they can't get off the track!!

Grace and Belle each got to drive too!

JoJo really did lug that big old purse around all day!

All that driving made us REALLY REALLY hungry..Time for a snack but we gotta grab it while we are in another line. Don't wanna waist time. This is the line for Monster's Ink Comedy Show. SO FUNNY!! Even Henry and Big Daddy laughed. We also squeased in the Stitch ride/show before heading to the show at the castle. (Note: you can skip the Stitch experience)

The perfect seat

Thanks very much we'll watch from the shade!!

Hi Mickey...Hi Mickey...Hi Mickey

Next we headed to Tony's for lunch...YUMMY and cold air...two things we really needed!!!

Belle was STARVING!!!

Henry got another Ice Cream and we all sang Happy Birthday again. Infact everyone in the resturant sang to him.

Can you see the buttons that Henry and I are wearing. They let everyone know that we are Celebrating and Henry's says it is his birthday! So all day as we walked around people would stop and say Happy Birthday even the street cleaners. It was pretty cool! Our table was great.
We could watch the parade from inside but the girls just didn't think we were close enough so we stepped out onto the patio to watch.

Henry just loved pointing out all the characters and saying hi to them. He loves them as long as they don't try to touch him!!! The girls thought it was really cool. We even got to see a practice run of the new parade that will be starting soon. They really liked that.

Next we headed to adventure land. We climed the Swiss Family Robinson Tree house and road Aladin's Magic Carpet Ride. Did you know there are camels that spit water on you on this ride. We didn't mind it was TERRIBLY HOT and the water felt great. After the tree house Shad took Henry to change his diaper. As they were walking out of the bathroom Shad asked if he was tired. Henry replied yes and laid his head down on Shad's shoulder. By the time Shad walked over to us he was already out. Shad carried him for almost and 1 1/2 alseep in that heat...WHAT A MAN!!!

After Aladin we waited in line for Pirates of the Carribean. Once we got inside we really cooled down which was great...We knew when we left this ride we were headed to Splash Mountian!!! Gracie couldn't wait.

But first...lets get a treat!!! I have never seen anyone eat one of those chocolate dipped frozen banana's but DeDe did and he loved every bite. Alex got Dibs and we all mooched a little and the other girls got HUGE popscicles.

Time for Splash Mountian. JoJo and Bid Daddy were nice enough to take Henry to the County Bear Jamborie and on the train again while we waited. The line was LONG and HOT but totally worth it. Alex was none to happy that we made her go...NOT AT ALL...Emma was nervous but loved it in the end. Grace and Belle LOVED IT!!! It was all Grace had been talking about for days before and she was not let down...I wish we could have gotten her on Space mountain this time...but no worries will safe that for next trip.
After Space Mountian we really needed to head to Chef Mickey's for our dinner reservation but we saw there was no line at the carasel and caught a quick ride.

Oh she was thrilled!!

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