Monday, June 21, 2010

Silver Springs With Family we LOVE!!! Day 3

The morning started out great. Henry and Big Daddy found a gecko in the patio. Now off to see the big lizards. On Monday we met up with some family from Florida. Uncle Jake, Aunt Patsy, Afton, Jake, Cammie, Stewart, Tori and Elli
First thing we did was jump on the glass bottom boat. I have never seen water so clear. Like you could dip a glass in and drink. We saw turtles, fish, neat plants, ducks, and other birds. As we got on the boat we were able to buy ice cream cones filled with fish food. Afton, Jake, Alex, Grace, Tori, Emma and Elli. If you haven't noticed there are LOTS of girls in the family.

Me and my Aunt Patsy. She is so sweet and wonderful. Wish we could see more of each other
No No DeDe don't eat the fish food!
Don't they look happy
My men Family Picture

These cousins don't remember each other but bonded instantly. They had the best time together.
Here Gator Gator Gator
Grace kept a watchful eye on Henry all day. Even caring him as much as he would allow her too!
Afton is so lucky she didn't get bit. Every time we saw a bird she would put her fingers in the cage...Regardless of the signs that said "We Bite"
These Gators are well much so that durning the feeding show they wouldn't hardly eat!
Ok Emma we get it time for not eat the fish food..your Uncle DeDe is such a bad influence.

Afton is so GREAT...LOVE YOU!!!
The white alligator is said to be a good luck charm! We all looked it straight in the eye just in case!
Jake wasn't so sure about this one!
Gracie teaching Henry the "Hold Me" Face
Notice Jake is missing. Great pic!
Emma with Uncle Jake and Aunt Patsy Tori and Emma were inseparable. It was too CUTE!

Grace holding Henry, Again! Such a good cousin.

Belle was POOPED!!! Me and Afton

Emma, Tori, Grace, and Elli can you believe these kids haven't seen each other since they were babies? Me and My Daddy!

This is the light house ride. It was SO HIGH!!! Not my Favorite!


Look close at this tree behind us. The trunk actual forms a circle. It is another good luck charm. We all had our pictures made with it. After this and the albino alligator we should be set.
As we walked around the beautiful grounds we found this great carousel. Just look at those animals!!!

While some the little kids road the carousel Alex got to feed a giraffe. Then soon after everyone wanted too!!! Click on this picture...CHECK OUT THAT TONGUE!!!! Alex freaked out! After we all got a chance to feed the Giraffes we darted back across the park to see the alligators get fed. Like I said they weren't really hungry. On our way Alex told me that when she grows up she wants to either be a deap sea cave diver or a zoo keeper. LOL!!! Then we got a chance to feed them. The helpers in the gift shop where we bought the food told us which alligators to go and feed. The alligator food was so gross. Henry kept saying I throw the poop...It really did look like poop. After that we were all pooped (LOL) It was SO HOT...we were done time to head home. But not before we can try to plan our next reunion! PLEASE PLEASE we are so tired and HOT!!!

At the end of the day we had to pry the kids apart. They had the BEST time..Grace and Emma cried for about 1/2 an hour on the way back to the villages!!! So Sweet! Don't worry girls. We will see each other again!

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