Sunday, June 20, 2010

Fathers Day

So today we got to sleep in. We woke up to the smell of breakfast cooking. It was Fathers Day, Shad went for a quick run and then we got ready for church.

Now that is a good looking group. We are so blessed to have such GREAT daddy's in our lives.

The church service was short and sweet and the church members could not have been more friendly to us.

We came home and hung around the coffee table laughing and talking

Lunch was a Father's Day Brunch at a local country club. YUMMY!!! Waffles, eggs Benedict, Fox Hole BLT, and Crab Benny's...YUMMMMMY!!!
Next came a much needed nap. We all slept for a very long time. When we finally got up we took a vote for the evenings activities. Bowling won but to our disappointment the alley was closed to Toy Story 3 came in a close second. The movie theatre was so COOL and well priced for sure and the movie was really funny. Henry didn't make it the entire time so Shad took him across the street to a cute pub and they sat outside waiting on us.
When we came out the live music was still going so we danced the night away...well the girls and Henry did. Dave, Dad and Shad stayed at the pub.
The girls LOVED line Dancing and some of the residents were so nice to teach them.

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