Friday, April 30, 2010

Triathalon turn Duathalon

We stayed at the Moody Garden's hotel. Shad totally lucked into it on the last day before we got there. It was so perfect. We could walk right down to the course. It was great. Thanks Daddy for persistence.
So now it is the day of the tri. We have walked/drove the course. Shad knows where he is going and we know where we can watch to see him. We are as ready as we can be!!
The next morning shad goes down at 5:00am to get marked up. He forgot his timing chip so after he got marked he ran back upstairs to grab it. When he got back down stairs this is what he saw...a sailors wind had blown in. Crazy wind/rain and cold...within just a few minutes the swim was canceled and Shad tri became a Duathalon. Look at all those bikes!!!Here is Shad as he is starting out on his ride. The girl going the other direction is finishing the Sprint Distance. Many of the pro's take their shoes off as they come in while they are still riding. Henry thought this was crazy. He kept yelling NO SHOES NO SHOES!!! Soon after he left our friends the McCartneys came and found us. They showed us where to move so that we could see him better on his ride in. We had a great view but couldn't get a good picture. Then we ran down the road and saw Shad do his transition and start out on the run.
Then a hop skip and a jump down the way we got in position to cheer him on as he looped around during this 10K run. We need a little sugar to get us through. It is hard work being a cheerleader.
Go DADDY GO DADDY!!! Isn't he HAUGHT!!!He finished so strong. They even read his name of the loud speaker as he crossed the finish line. "Shad McGaha of Wichita Falls, TX" TO COOL!!! We defiantly prefer the Tri's to his Marathons and 1/2 Marathons. We get to see him so many more times. It is so much more fun for the spectators

While daddy packed up his gear we chilled at the local park. Emma and Henry had been eyeing this place since we had arrived. They deserved to run of some energy after all the Hurry -Up and Wait we had just done.

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