Friday, April 30, 2010

Old Stopping Ground

Galveston brought back so many good memories. When Shad and I first got married we used to visit his uncle there several times a year. We stopped going years ago. This is the old candy store we used to take Alex too. The candy is so delicious. There are like 10 cases this big. They also make the best Salt Water Taffy you have ever had. You can actually watch them pull the taffy on site. Oh ya there is an ice cream and soda fountain in there too!!! We ate dinner at Marrio's on the Beach. They gave the kids pizza dough to play with. Alex remembers this place well also. She went to the kitchen once and tried to through the dough with the cooks. Needless to say Emma was not so brave.

The dough really kept the kids busy and that was good because the food took forever...but it was so worth it. YUMMY!!!!!

On the way home the kids got to have one of the treats from our candy shop. They were in HOG HEAVEN!!

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