Friday, April 30, 2010

McGaha "No Beans" Chili Cook Off

2nd Annual "No Beans" McGaha Chili Cook Off could not have been more fun. I just about killed Randle (contractor) to get the house finished. Well, we almost made it. At least the counter tops were installed even if it was at 8:00pm the night before.
So the house was almost perfect, Shad and I were so excited for everyone to come and see...The weather had other plans!! Here is the CRAZY part-everything that we didn't know what to do with went into the garage. Then next thing you know CHILI COOK OFF was in the garage...OH WELL!!! We wont let the rain get us down.

This year we had T-Shirts made. Thanks to This is defiantly going to be a new tradition!Scheri and I..Such a great friendThe CoopersI can feel the love. These BOYS CRACK ME UP!!!Richelle made YUMMY Green Chili Chili. It was a HUGE success!!! Thanks for for participating. Since we were stuck inside we had to break out the Wii...These boys could kick some serious booty. That is until we played Just DANCE...back up boys here come the girls!Kyle didn't get to cook with us this year but hopefully the will come back next year for the weekend...Just because you are moving doesn't mean you get to forget us.The girls retreated to Emma's room for some polly pocket and BarbiesChandler wasn't quite down with least not this year.. We will get her to warm up to us.Casey and Scheri it wouldn't be Chili Cook Off without you guys!!New to the cook off this year...Steve and year you guys are going to have to get your Chili on...lets see what you are made ofThere was even a Chi-Omega meeting held during Chili Cook Off...if you understand where Chili Cook Off came from you will understand the irony. This is my new favorite pictureJudy, Jennifer, Frank (2) Taleigha, Learson (3), Anna, Jason, and FrankThese guys are SO CUTE!! Love that smile on Jacob's faceThe rocking horses were a huge success. This sun room is going to get LOADS of use.The wiggle car got some miles put on it as wellSome of the kiddo's chose hang on the FAT SACKOh ya..we still got it!!
It was a GREAT day...I hope the weather is better next year but who cares as long as we are together. Thank you so much to all our friends and family for making this years event such a success!! 4 chili's, 1 fried turkey, kabobs, steak, chicken....SO FULL!!!

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