Friday, April 30, 2010

Kemah Boardwalk

Just so you know how cool my husband is. After the race we ate changed and went swimming and then took a quick shower and headed to the Kemah Boardwalk to meet my cousins. He ROCKS!!! What an Iron Man most of us wouldn't be able to move. Let alone continue to play.
Kemah is about 25 minutes from Galveston and a can't miss attraction. Thanks Mitzi and Tricia for introducing us to this great place. I can only describe it as a high end super clean stationary fair. Tons of board walk games, rides, entertainers, and food.
Emma and Libby Landry 3, Libby 4, Brook, 8, Emma 6, Breigh 11 Aren't they so beautiful. This was not a planned picture this is how they chose to walk through the park.

We stopped to eat dinner first at the Aquarium Restaurant. What a great choice and we got the perfect seats. Right in front of the show. Through out the meal we saw this beautiful Eel, a leopard shark, fish bigger than Henry and sting rays. We could hardly keep the kids in their seats to eat!!
Caleb, Landry and Henry made quick friends

Caleb, Anne, Chuck, Henry, Shad, Breigh, Landry, Mitzi, Libby, Tricia, Brook and Emma. You know where ever my family is there is alot of us. We sure did miss Rhett!!! Come home soon.

After dinner we watched a street performer-he walked on a giant ball, balanced a huge pole, juggled fire sticks, etc..

Next we all pretended to be Rhett and drove some boats around the harbor. Well as long as a couple of quarters would get us...We will leave the serious driving to you , Rhett we had quite a few crashes!!!

Next we waited in line to get tickets for the rides. I was the only one who would ride the wooden roller coaster with Brooke...WHINNY's...While I was in line Daddy found this neat light up ray gun for Henry...It really is cool..However it makes a very loud noise and had to be hidden on the drive home.

Henry, Caleb, Libby,Landry Emma, Shad, and Tricia rode this cool Carousel. Hopefully you can see that this isn't just beautiful

That's Henry and Landry on a zebra. I didn't get a good picture of the boat that Chuck took Breigh on. It is like the boat at Six Flags that flies back and forth...Breigh made some GREAT faces but I just couldn't get the camera to cooperate. Then finally Brook and I hit the coaster. I must admit I was a bit nervous at first but she was so excited I just couldn't say no...So I manned up and had a blast.
If you are ever down by Galveston I HIGHLY suggest a side trip to Kemah. We can't thank our family enough for taking time out of their lives to come play with us. See you guys this summer!

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