Friday, February 12, 2010

Seriously ENOUGH with the SNOW

So guess snowed again!!! Shad was out of town at the TECA conference in Austin...I was a single parent...(WOW I totally respect and admire all my single parent friends and those whose spouses travel so much.) So that meant I had to be the fun one...not just the planner...I am not so great at that.

When we got up it was already snowing and starting to stick. Emma decided to go catch a few and send Daddy a message that it was snowing and he was missing it.
Well of course she taught little brother how to catch the flakes on your tongue...TO CUTE!

After we dropped Emma off at school Henry and I headed to JoJo's...We had to sit by the window and watch the snow. JoJo and Henry sit at this window ALOT!!! The snow was beautiful and the BIGGEST flakes I have ever seen..I mean HUGE.

When I picked Emma up from school we decided we were going to have to make our snow fun without daddy. It might be dark by the time he got home and tooo cold.

So we made a snowman...YEA US....I am so not this girl but ya know you gotta be when daddy's isn't around. Emma thought of dressing out snowman with her Marti Gras stuff all by herself (thank Knights) We are so proud and just as we were finishing and Henry was Frozen Solid daddy drove up.

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