Thursday, February 4, 2010

Binkie Fun

This is too funny. A while back my friend Crystal posted about her daughter playing at nap time. Well this isn't nap time but it is our new ritual in the morning. Ususally Henry just throws his binkies in the floor and then yells...binkie...binkie...BINkie...BINKIEEE....mommy mommy don't get me wrong...he does not want to get out of his crib he just wants me to play fetch...Fun the first few this is just annoying...BUT CUTE!!! So here is the link to Crystal's know Savannah and Henry are going to be so close..

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Crystal and Jeremy Johnson said...

How funny!!!! I am seriously rolling on the floor laughing! I have no idea why that is so much fun for them!!! I knew they were going to love each other!