Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Schmidt McGaha Christmas

Just in case some of you haven't been following my blog since last Christmas, let me explain what Schmidt/McGaha Christmas is. As a child to young adult every Christmas we would get together with the Goodgions for Goodgion/Tritton Christmas. We would eat dinner, fight over how to open presents (youngest to oldest or oldest to youngest) and have a great time of fellowship. I have so many great memories of this event. As a young couple Shad and I discussed having this tradition in our own family.
As soon as the Schmidts moved back to town from College station 4 years ago we started Schmidt/McGaha Christmas. Each year we alternate homes, eat dinner, fight over how to open presents (youngest to oldest or oldest to youngest) and have a great time of fellowship. If you don't already do something like this in your family we strongly suggest it.
So now on to this years festivities. It was our year to host. I made Cheesy Chicken, Green Beans, Twice Baked Potatoes, Rolls and Chocolate Gnash Cake. Dinner was so good and everyone ate well...(except Emma of course) The boys had a great time playing they get along so well for as young as they are. Emma is good at always being in the middle of everything. It was hard for her this year because we were missing our sweet Alex. We will get her on the 26th. But she is having fun at her other house. Next was present opening. Of course we did youngest to oldest. The little ones just can't wait yet. Ivey went first because Henry needed a diaper change and Ivey got a head start. It was so funny. He kept peaking into his gift. We got Ivey a BIG tonka Truck he can run behind and push. Henry got Car's cars. He loved them. But honestly Ivey wanted Henry's gift and Henry wanted Iveys gift. It was hilarious. Now for Emma. She got the gloves she had so been wanting. The kind that are open finger and then turn into mittens. She wanted to sleep in them. Next was J..we got her a sweater, like she doesn't have enough sweaters but it really looked just like her.
Then was my turn...I got this beautiful stopper and owl. I love them. They look just like me. Frank got a GI Joe shirt and a big man drink. Finally time for Shad...Well as you can see GREAT minds think alike. Those are some good looking guysAre they not the cutest!!! We are so lucky and so blessed

Here we are...minus one. We miss you ALEX!!!

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