Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas Eve

This was a Christmas Eve like no other. It was my year to work because we were not going to get Alex until the day after Christmas. I drove to Walgreens and immediately turned around and called dad to come and get me from home. The snow and ice was so bad I knew I wouldn't want to drive. We kept the store open from 10-1 then decided we had better close up shop or we might not make it home at all. Dad's car even got stuck for a few minutes in the parking lot.
Church was canceled so we packed up to head over to JoJo and Big Daddy's. We didn't make it far. My car wouldn't even make it out of the drive way. Uncle DeDe ended up having to come and pick us up in the 4 wheel drive truck.
We ate our traditional meal of Potato Soup and Grilled Cheese. We all opened up our PJ's and the girls got new sleeping bags. TOO CUTE!!! just as we were putting out cookies for Santa..poor Belle Pucked everywhere...did I mention that Emma had puked earlier in the day when I was at work. Luckily that was the extent of more pukies at all.
Emma and Grace poured the reindeer food out in the snow and we headed to bed.

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