Sunday, December 20, 2009

He's Back and He ROCKED IT!!!

It is time for White Rock again. My kids love this marathon because we get to stay at the W. This is the coolest hotel. Not to mention the front door is right at the start line of the marathon. So it makes mama's life so easy.
The weather was good...not to cold not to hot. There were SO MANY PEOPLE there. White Rock was Shad's first big run. 4 years ago he ran his 1st 1/2 there. Then he ran the full...then last year the 1/2 and this year White Rock 2009 was Shad's 10th 1/2 marathon. AMAZING.. He ran with our good friend Jason Slagel..They totally ROCKED IT OUT!!! I am so proud...
Now on a side note...this is probably the Families last time at White Rock. There are so many people at this race that we can't even get close to finish...I HATE THAT...that is our payout...we wait and wait and worry and worry and wait some more. Our favorite part is seeing daddy run in. At White can barely see anything. So if someone important from White Rock happens to read this.....YOUR FINISH STINKS!!!!

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