Thursday, November 26, 2009

Tulsa Marathon

Sean the pastor from the Biggest Loser. He has lost 150lbs. Shad has lost 145lbs. We saw him at the Expo
Are kiddo's were so proud of their dad's
Christian, Alex, Katlin, and Emma

I guess most of you know that Shad and Casey ran the Tulsa Marathon last weekend. They have trained for months. Casey has driven to Wichita Falls 3 times to do the long practice runs. I am so proud of their endurance and perseverance. They both amaze me.
We drove to OKC on Friday and stayed in the condo and ate a PF Changs. On Saturday morning Shad let me run by the store and say hi and then we headed to Tulsa. First we hit the expo. It was very small but nice. We were warned that there were some really scary hills in the course. Casey, Scheri and the kids met up with us there. We had such a nice time hanging out. The kids really enjoyed each other.
The next day the boys left super early. Our first update had them set to finish in 4h 24 m. WOW that was a head of the pace they really wanted. They were rocking it out. The next update was not so great. They had greatly fallen off. Casey ended up finishing his FIRST marathon in 4:44min...That is so GREAT. Shad finished 5:10min. He was so sick...We spend over 5 hours in the er. Thank goodness for Casey and Scheri. They are the greatest friends to stay with us. After 2 bags of IV Shad was much better and we were released to go home. It is so hard to see him train so much only to not do as well as he wanted. Just 2 weekends before he had run 22 miles right on pace. Infact he took care of the kids the rest of the day and came shopping at Christmas Magic...Like he hadn't done anything. CRAZY!!!

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