Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Henry did not like the blood pressure cuff at ALL!!!Thanks IVey for the slinkie...It totally saved the day. Even in recovery Henry held his inky!

This morning Henry had tubes put in his tiny ears by Dr. Godfrey. We arrived at the hospital at 5:30 this morning. We changed into our cute hospital gown:Lions/Tiger/Bears oh my. It was so CUTE!! We waited and walked and walked and waited. Luckily we were in the new Bridwell Tower and we were close to the walk way over the street so we got to walk down and watch the vroom vrooms. That made Henry really happy. At 7:40 they took my baby from me and began the surgery. It was only about 30min before they came and took Shad and I back to recovery. As soon as I turned the corner I heard my baby start crying. It took about 30 min to get him calmed down. Coming out of the anaesthesia was really hard. He cried and squirmed and cried some more. It was very hard to watch. Once he finally fell asleep he rested very peacefully for about an hour. We were moved from recovery back to our original room. Where Big Daddy and JoJo had been waiting for us. Once Henry woke up he quickly downed 12 oz of juice and we were released to come home. We were walking out the door by 10:00am. Henry was back to himself in no time. After his afternoon nap he was running his usual laps around the house. I am so amazed at his resilience. Thank you Lord for answered prayers. I know this will make such a difference for him.

We did get to have an ice cream cone...This is the first time he actually liked ice cream. Well Like isn't the right word. LOVED!!! Yes he LOVED it!!!

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