Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Party in the USA

We bought tickets MONTHS AND MONTHS ago. It was so hard for us to keep it a secret but we knew if we told the girls they would drive us CRAZY until the day finally came. Kindof like the how much longer till Christmas question you get every day of the year.
We had a fun dinner at Hard Rock Cafe just before the show. We even ran into Missy, Chandler, Shelly and Kenly at dinner.

We got the girls cool make-up. Zebra and Leopard Eyeshadow. It was so neat.

The walk from Hard Rock to the American Airlines Center was nice and our girls turned alot of heads. Gracie decided that next time she wants to take a LIMO...we saw lots and lots


We got so lucky because DeDe and Lollie were just a couple of rows up from us so we could see each other the entire time

My favorite part of the entire night was getting to see Blair and Bobo. One day we will learn to make plans together instead of just showing up the same places

Rockin it OUT!!! I didn't get any good pictures of Laurie's girls but they danced the entire time

Yes she road on a motorcycle in the sky across the top of the crowd..CRAZY

Daddy got some great pictures for us

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