Thursday, August 13, 2009

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

So I have never been a fan of the lottery. Shad plays every once in a while. On Tuesday he found a couple of winners on his desk at work, decided he wanted a coke and used one to buy it. Then used the other $4 to buy a couple more cards. The first one was $2 the last one was $900. WOW!!! The check out lady says...Good news you won...Bad news you have to go to Dallas to claim your prize!!! OUCH!!! So today we went by the claim office and Shad got his check.. He was a bit disappointed that they didn't count out 9 $100 bills. But he will take the check. He is such a LUCKY DUDE!!!
I did learn something today. Did you know that the Texas Lottery has contributed $10 billion to our schools. Maybe I will start to play? For my kids..ya know

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