Monday, August 10, 2009


Aunt Lolly got Emma a butterfly house for her birthday. So here is how it goes. You send in/fax a card in with $6 and they send you a cup of caterpillars. Then you watch them eat/get fat/and form crystalist. Once they form a crystalist you pin the paper with the crystalist into the butterfly house and wait for them to emerge. Emma and I really enjoyed waking up each day and seeing what new stage had begun. The entire process took about 2 weeks. Then on Friday morning when we got up our Butterflies were ready...well almost all of waited until Saturday morning. They were beautiful. We got a few paper towels and soaked them in sugar water for the butterflies to eat.
On Sunday morning before church we decided to let our butterflies go. We said good bye to Anna, Shad, Emma, Henry and Orangy...I strongly suggest you try this project at home. Lots of fun and very educational.

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