Friday, July 10, 2009

Even Emma is helping with the move!

The move is on. And of course it is effecting everyone in my family. This week I worked at the new store and old store from 9-9. I think one day we went home around 8:30. Ashley Thomas and I cleaned until we could clean no more, we sorted, we moved. Shad and Dad moved fixtures again and again..Thanks so much. You know I have to see it and hopefully I wont change my mind again. After the store closed on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday Vikki met us over at the new store to place fixtures and unpack new merchandise and on Thursday Ash came after working all day to help out. And of course mom helps by either taking care of the kids so I can work and hanging clothes and cleaning. One more person to thank, Aunt Lolly, thanks for taking care of my kids and taking them to church. I don't have to worry when they are with you. It makes it so much easier to work. Next week is really going to be a challenge but we will make it.

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