Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Eve

After a wonderful Christmas Eve Service.  We came home to open our family presents before going to JoJo's for dinner.  We were so glad to have Binkie with us.  

Opening presents is Fun...but crawling on daddy is FUN!!!!
 Henry was most excited about his MagnaTiles!
 I was THRILLED about my new purse!

 But Emma...she was the most EXCITED!!!  yep she got a phone
 We had a nice time opening our presents but we were hungry and ready to get into our PJ's.  

Oh Ya...we are that family!!!  

But the daddies got something a little different....Henry wants to be like them next year!!!!

Love these kids!!!

 Reindeer Food!
Time for bed....Uncle DeDe always reads The Night Before Christmas....then off to sleep!!!

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